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Swiss Finance_ Capital Markets, Banking, and the Swiss Value Chain瑞士金融——资本市场、银行和瑞士价值链.pdf 397页

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Additional Praise for Swiss Finance “A comprehensive guide to Swiss inancial markets’ strengths, weaknesses, and challenges.” Prof. Giorgio Behr, CEO and Owner of BBC Group, Professor at University of St. Gallen, Switzerland “An insightful guide through decades of development of the Swiss capital markets.” Prof. Thomas Bieger, President, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland “A fascinating and comprehensive guide to the Swiss inancial markets as they historically evolved and developed up to their current prominent position in the world. The book explains in a most interesting and thorough way the multifaceted strengths of the Swiss inancial economy, but it also opens the eyes for exist- ing shortcomings and challenges ahead. A ‘must read’ for practitioners and aca- demics alike.” Prof. Henner Schierenbeck, former Professor of Bank Management and Controlling, University of Basel, Switzerland “Excellent analysis of the interconnections among Switzerland’s inancial institu- tions, currency, central bank, and global inancial markets.” Prof. Burkhard Schwenker, Chairman and former CEO, Roland Berger Strategy Consultants “This book is particularly beneicial to practitioners because of the clear way in which it illustrates different aspects of the Swiss capital and money market.” Dr. Pierin Vincenz, Chairman of the Executive Board (CEO) of Raiffeisen Group “This book is the perfect antidote to the myths that abound about the Swiss inan- cial center. It is a must read for anybody working in the inancial services sector in Switzerland or in offshore private bank


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