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Singapore Math Gr 3 Textbook 3B英文电子资料.pdf

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    PROMARV MNTHEMATOGS 3B Primary Mathematics Proiect Team Project Direcior Dr Kho Tek Hong Team Members Chee Kum Hoong, Heclor Chip Wd Lung Liang Hin Hoon Lim Eng Tann Lim Hui Cheng, Rosalind Ng Hwee Wan Ng Siew Lee Curriculum Specialists Cheong Ngan Peng, Christina Ho Juan Beng Curriculum Planning & Development Division ::ll Ministry of Education, Singapore ffirr"EP,5SA,t An inorint of fines Media @ 1982, 1993 Curriculum Development of Singapore 'nslitule @ 1997,1999 Curriculum Planning & Development Dlvision Ministry ol Education, Singapore Pub ished by Times lvledia Privale Limit€d Anember of the Times Publishing Grcup Times Cenire 1 New lndust al Road Singapore 536196 E-mail: lps @ On ne Book Slore: hltp://.sg/fpl First publlshed 1982 Second Edilion 1993 Th rd Ed tion 1999 Repr nted 2000, 2001 (lwice) Al rig his reserved. No parl ot th s publication may be reproduced, slored n a retrieva sysiem, ortransmilted, in any form or by any means, eeclronic, rnechan cal, p"oLocopy 19. re.o'dirq or orl_prw sF. wrtl oullhF prio' perm sson of the p!blishers. tsBN 981 01 8050 0 Prinled in Singapore by C.O.S. Pinterc Pte Ltd llluslrator Pau Yong ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The project ieam would like lo record their thanks to the loLlowing: . members of the Primary l\,4alhematics Tearn who developed the iirst edilion and second edition of the package . members oi the Steering Committee for the second ediuon of the package . teachers who tested the materials in the package and provided useiul jnsights and suggestions . Educational Techno ogy Division, lor the design and production of the audio-visual components ol the package . all those who have helped in one way


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