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2017_2018学年高中英语Module1OurBodyandHealthyHabits课件外研版必修.ppt 84页

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课时分配 Period 1 Module 1 Our Body and Healthy Habits Introduction (15m)– 1. Vocabulary Part 1: Which of them are connected with illness? Introduction – 2. Free talk Talk about the pictures below. Do you think it’s a healthy diet to eat these things? Why? (try to use the vocabulary in the word box in Part 1) Introduction – 3. Filling in Fill in the blanks with the words just learnt in Part 1. We are easy to c_____________ if we are unhealthy. Many children have got t_____________, and their d__________ tell them to stay away from sweet things like chocolate and try to keep a healthy and balanced d_______ by eating enough vegetables and fruit each day, and take exercise regularly. After all, one is w_______ only if he is healthy. Introduction – 4. Proverb Can you explain the proverb below? You are what you eat. Healthy mind in a healthy body. Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Introduction – 5. Chinese Proverb Can you explain the proverb below? 预防肠胃病,饮食要干净 贪吃贪睡,添病减岁 饥不暴食、渴不狂饮 要想人长寿,多吃豆腐少吃肉 饭后散步,不进药铺 Speaking 1(10m)-1. Habits Read the sentences in Part 2 in Introduction. Write two more sentences about your diet or healthy habits, using the following : I sometimes/often/ rarely… I …at least… I …once a week or more. Speaking 1- 2. Do and don’t. You are a health advisor. Try to give suggestions to Peter, using the following pictures as tips. You may want to use: You should… I think that’s the most important thing. You shouldn’t…as… Cultural Corner(20m) – 1.Prediction. Prediction: What do you think the passage is about, according to the pictures in Cultural Corner? 2. Which country’s health care system do you think is the best? How much do you know about them? Cultural Corner – 2.Detailed reading. Activity 1: Read the passage and find out the main idea of each paragraph. Activity 2: Fill in the form below. Homework Try to find out about the health system in China. Write a few sen


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