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高等职业教育物业管理专业系列教材; Unit 2 “Thank you” “You’re welcome” ; Unit 10 We Wish We Could Meet Your Needs.;Unit 1 Excuse Me, Sir. I’m Looking for Building 28.;Task 1;e.g. Picture A—car park;7;Task 2;9;Task 3;e.g. car park—A;Task 4;Task 5;Task 6;Excuse me. Is there a car park/ near here? Excuse me. How do I get to the property management office/? Excuse me. Where’s the nearest toilet/? Excuse me. I’m looking for?;Giving directions: Go straight ahead for about two hundred meters. Take the second turning on the right. Turn left at the crossroads. Make a right turn at the end of the road. On your left you’ll see  Go past two buildings /  It’s about ten minutes’ walk / two minutes’ drive.;Task 7;Student A: Look at the map of Evergreen Residential Estate and ask your partner for directions to: 1. the baker’s shop 2. the Domino’s market 3. tennis court Then give your partner directions to the places he/she asks about.;Student B: Look at the map above and give your partner directions to the places he/she asks about. Then ask your partner for directions to: 1. the Property Management Office 2. the hospital 3. the school;Task 8;Task 9;Task 10;1. What are the parking regulations in the residential estate? A. visitor parking allowed B. resident parking allowed C. staff parking only allowed D. any one parking allowed ;2. The administration office is in . A. Block B B. Block D C. Block E D. Block G;3. If you do not have a parking sticker, the following action will be taken: A. clamp your car wheels B. fine only C. tow away your car and fine D. tow away your car only;4. Which picture shows the correct location of the administration office?;Task 11;Task 12;5. something that sticks as a label —  6. very near; close to —  7. an amount of money paid as a punishment — 8. be unable to reach or arrive at —  9. brand —  10. to fix; to fasten — ;Task 13;31;Task 14;33;34;Task 15;CONSOLIDATION EXERCISES;37;38;39;40;41;42;43;44;45;


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