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Grammar lesson! Tense 时 态 (二) Ⅰ. Review 1. twelve kinds of tenses: 1) simple present tense: S + v 原形/ 第三人称单数 2)simple past tense S + V 过去式 3) simple future tense will(shall)+ v 原形 4)past future tense would/should + v 原形 5)present continuous tense be(am, is, are)+ ving Ⅰ. Review 6) past continuous tense was/were + ving 7) future continuous tense will/ shall + be+ving 8) present perfect tense have/has + done 9) past perfect tense had+done 10) present perfect continuous tense have/has + been + ving Ⅰ. Review 11)past perfect continuous tense had+ been+ving 12) future perfect tense will/ shall + have +done Activity → divide the class into several groups(four\five students in every group) →write out some sentences in different tenses in 10 minutes → ask some groups to write all the sentences on the blackboard →we will check together → the winner is the group with the most correct tenses Time: yesterday, at present, by now, in the future, by the end of last year, by the end of next year, for hours, at 8 o’clock yesterday, at 8 o’clock tomorrow, often, game-pass on a message give a Chinese sentence in one tense to every student in row one → translate it, and remember it, then speak to the student behind you →pass on it one by one to the last student →the last student write it on the blackboard and tell me the Chinese meaning →the group which can pass the right sentence fastest is the winner. game-pass on a message twelve sentences: 1. 过去完成时:昨天我告诉他,我已经毕业了。 I told him yesterday that I had graduated. 2. 过去将来时:昨天他告诉我,他明天出国。 He told me yesterday that he would go abroad. 3. 将来进行时:明天八点时,我们正在开会。 At 8 tomorrow, we will be having a meeting. 4. 现在完成时:到目前为止,我们已经三年没见面了。 Up to now, we haven’t seen each other for three years. 5. 现在完成进行时:她一直在雨中走了几个小时。 He has been walking in the rain for hours. 6. 过去完成进行时:昨天八点前,她一直在写作业。 He had been doing his homework before 8 yesterday. game-pass on a mess


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