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2017年南京理工大学博士研究生入学考试《英语》试题.doc 18页

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2017年南京理工大学博士研究生入学考试 《英语》试题及答案详解 Part Two: Structure and Written Expression20 Directions: In each question decide which of four choices given will most suitably complete the sentence if inserted at the place marked. Mark your choices on the ANSWERSHEET. 21.The nuclear family __________ a self-contained, self-satisfying unit composed of father, mother and children. A. refers to B. defines C. describes D. devotes to 22.Some polls show that roughly two-thirds of the general public believe that elderly Americans are________ by social isolation and loneliness. A. reproached B. favored C. plagued D. reprehended 23.In addition to bettering group and individual performance, cooperation ________ the quality of interpersonal relationship. A. ascends B. compels C. enhances D. prefers 24.In the past 50 years, there ________ a great increase in the amount of research _____on the human brain. A. was…did B. has been…to be done C. was…doing D. has been…done 25.“I must have eaten something wrong. I feel like _____ .” “We told you not to eat at a restaurant. You’d better _______ at home when you are not in the shape.” A. to throw up…to eat   B. throwing up…eating C. to throw up…eat     D. throwing up…eat 26. Parent shave to show due concerns to their children’s creativity and emotional output; otherwise what they think beneficial to the kids might probably _______ their enthusiasm and aspirations. A. hold back  B. hold to  C. hold down  D. hold over 27. According to psychoanalysis, a person’s attention is attracted ________ by the intensity of different signals ________ by their context, significance, and information content. A. not less than…as  B. as…just as  C. so much…as   D. not so much…as 28.They moved to Portland in1998 and lived in a big house, _______ to the south. A. the windows of which opened     B. the windows of it opened   C. its windows opened        D. the windows of which opening 29.The lady who has_______ for a night in the dead of the winter later turned out to b

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