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Scientific Man VS Power Politics:(科学人与强权政治).pdf 200页

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Scientific Man VS Power Politics:(科学人与强权政治)
SQIENTIFIC MAN VS. POWER POLITICS By HANS]. MORGENTHAU Associate Prqfessor of Palttical Sczence, Umversiry of Chicago LATIMER HOUSE LIMITED 33 LUDGATE llILL, LONDON, E.C.4 Printed. and bound in Great Britain by Purnell and Sons, Ltd. Paulton, Soxneuet, for LATIMER HOUSE LIMITED 33 LUDOATE HILL, LONDON, E C 4 Ffrst published in Great Britain, 1947 PREFACE THIS BOOK grew out of a lectUle on "Liberalism and Foreign Policy," given in the late summer or 1940 at the New School for Social Research, New York City, in a series enLiLled "tiberalism Today." Shaken by the fall of France, I started tlus lecture with the following quotatlon from chapter XVlll of Montesquieu's ReflectIOns on the Causes of the Rzse and Fall of the Roman EmpilB: ".It is not fate that rules the world. Ask _the Romans_Y'lho experienced a continuous flow of prosperity as long as they governed themselves in a certain way, ~hen an uninterrupted flow of reverses when they followed a different line of action. TILere are some general causes, ~j1~.r ~oral or physical, which operate in every monarchy, raise it up, maintain it, or cast it down. All accidents arc subordinated to these causes; and if the accideni of one battle, I luean of one particular' cause, has ruined a state, it is because there ~1J.s a g~J

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