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李董chang韩国电影导演-lee chang dong korean film directors .pdf 128页

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李董chang韩国电影导演-lee chang dong korean film directors
EE Ch g- on KIM Young-jin .mlDl l LEE Chang-dong Korean Film Directors The Korean Film Directors series is one of Korean Film Council's projects to furnish an international audience with insight and analysis into the works of Korea's most representative film directors. The series aims to expand upon the existing body of knowledge on Korean film, educate the general public of the history of Korean film and Korean film directors, and dra w attention to the significance of works that represent Korean film. Critics who share their insight in the series are leaders in their respective specialties. Each volume includes critical commentary on films, an extensive interv iew with the director , and a comprehensive filmography for reference. LEE Chang-dong Written by KIM Young-jin Translated by PARK Sang-hee LEE Chang-dong Written by KIM Young-jin Copyright © 2007 by Korean Film Council ••• All Rights Reserved No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the publisher. Korean Film Council 206-46 Cheongnyangni-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul 130-010, Korea Phone (82-2) 9587-596 Fax (82-2) 9587-590 http://www.kofic.or.kr/english email: sant0804@kofic.or.kr Published by Seoul Selection Bl Korean Publishers Association Bldg., 105-2 Sagan-dong,]ongno-gu, Seoul 110-190, Korea Phone (82-2) 734-9567 Fax (82-2) 734-9562 http://www . email: publisher@ ISBN: 978-89-91913-14-1 03680 Printed in the Republic of Korea Contents

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