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黑线仓鼠lrh-1的snp及表达差异与胎仔数的关联性研究word论文.docx 61页

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AbstractIn recent years, great harms to our production and life have came from the rodents outbreaking frequently in China. As the dominant farmland rodents of the northern plains in China, Cricetulus barabens not only had a wide range of distribution and a strong reproductive ability, but also could harm agriculture and spread diseases. Therefore, it was essential to clarify the mechanism of outbreaking in the rodents population, dynamic characteristics and high fertility and to take comprehensive actions to control agriculture rodents comprehensive in molecular biology level.Liver receptor homolog-1 (LRH-1) was a transcription factor playing an important physiological role in early embryonic development and adult individuals. Also, LRH-1 had an important control function in the embryos and gonadal development process and ovulation process. In this paper, we chose Cricetulus barabensis as the experiment materials from Yinan and Qufu. The primers were designed according to the LRH-1 gene of homologous species from GenBank, the 475bp DNA, 1870bp mRNA (variant 1) and 1956bp mRNA (variant 2) of LRH-1 gene were cloned using PCR technique, the sequence numbers submitted to the GenBank respectively were JQ038149, JN367458 and JN367459. LRH-1 gene of Cricetulus barabensis includes eight exons and seven introns, which contained conservative GATA factor binding sites, E-box and typical TATA box in the promoter. Two variants of LRH-1 gene differed in the insert sequence of 86bp, coded 541 and 501 amino acids respectively. The proportion of Leu, Trp were 10.9% and 11.2%, 0.37% and 0.4% respectively. Amounts of Alpha helix and Turn corner were included in the secondary structure. The protein of variant 2 without zinc finger structure controled by ER was an important form of LRH-1 in breast cancer cells. The LRH-1 mRNA sequence in Cricetulus barabensis was compared with the corresponding sequence of other 19 species embodied in GenBank. It showed high similarity in the level of

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