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基于机器视觉的模具残留物检测系统分析word论文.docx 70页

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ROI 区域,截取区域作为新的检测图像。在实时检测部分,通过对比 了三种算法,最后利用改进后的灰度共生矩阵算法分析图像纹理,得 出检测图像与模板图像的相似度,根据相似度数值判断图像是否存在 残留物,是的话则将残留物标记出来。本文在 Visual Studio 平台上,通过调用 OpenCV 库函数实现了 模具残留物检测系统,利用多幅缺陷图片进行了测试,得出的实验结 果表明,该系统能够很好的实现注塑模具残留物检测的功能。关键字:模具,残留物,机器视觉,图像检测,灰度共生矩阵IIRESEARCH OF RESIDUUM DETECTION SYSTEM BASED ON INDUSTRIAL MACHINE VISIONABSTRACTNowadays, as the development of modern industry, injection molding industry also has a broad space for development. The level of the automation of injection molding machine is also improving since it is the main production equipment. However, in the working process, sometimes material remains in the mould chamber because of the time for cooling materials down is too short. This kind of phenomenon is likely to cause the damage to the mold, and more seriously, it may influence the quality of following products. Therefore, it is of a great significance to research and carry out a kind of residuum detection system.We are in reference of a large number of relevant domestic and foreign literatures, and then analyze the function requirement according to the characteristics of the physical environment, finally we design a kind of system which consists of hardware module and software module to detect the residuum in injection mould based on machine vision after we summarize the overall demand of the system and find the effective solution. In hardware module, we select the proper industrial camera and computer according to the size of mould and the field of the view. Then we design the lighting system on the basis of the lighting environment. In the part of software module, the system can be divided into two parts, image preprocessing and real-time detection. In the part of image preprocessing, considering of the influence of the light and the position offset, we need to make light compensation and position compensation to the pictures. Firstly, we make light compensation with Histogram specification and median filter algorithm. Then we use Template matching alg

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