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基于立体空间场景视觉特征的立体视觉舒适度评价方法的分析word论文.docx 78页

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RESEARCH ON VISUAL COMFORT ASSESSMENT BASED ON VISUAL FEATURES OF STEREOSCOPIC CONTENTABSTRACTIt is known that the prefect 3D visual comfort experience would provide viewers the truly immersive experience and various depth details. But based on two-viewpoint 3D rendering technique, it cannot provide such perfect visual experience. It will not only induce the viewer’s visual fatigue, but also provide false various stereoscopic visual details. So in our thesis, we try to analyze the visual features of 3D scenes, and to establish the effective visual comfort model based on 3D scenes visual feature vector combination and subjective visual comfort test data.In our thesis, we mainly focus on researching and analyzing visual comfort assessment method based on visual features combinations of 3D contents. Specially, our main works and innovations are as follows:Firstly, we design and build up the stereoscopic image database VBED and stereoscopic video database RVFD. In fact, building up stereoscopic image/video database is important and meaningful. It could not only providing more specific data statistics, but also give the subjective visual comfort test data. Specifically, VBED database is to represent the various visual features of border objects in 3D content. It is mainly for the study of the correlation between border effect and visual comfort. In previous academic researches, no such database is to analyze the relationship between the border effect and visual comfort. Thus our database VBED is trying to fill such gap. Similarly, RVFD database is to represent the various visual features of Regions of Interest in 3D content. It is mainly for the study of correlation between 3D video content visual features and visual comfort.Secondly, we try to analyze and research the correlation betweenIVvisual features of stereoscopic image content and visual comfort. For stereoscopic image content, previous researchers mainly focus on objects in center regions of content. Few may f

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