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基于模糊多准则决策的绿色物流供应商选择分析word论文.docx 52页

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AbstractIn today's informationization and the rapid development of economic globalization, the contradiction between human society and resources environment is more and more prominent. The management of green supply chain arises at this historic moment, it integrates the supply chain management and environmental management and it guarantee the enterprise economic development while considering environmental problems. Green logistics is an important content of green supply chain and logistics industry is one with a large energy consumption, so the development of green logistics has urgency. As more and more enterprises focus on the development of core competence, the outsourcing logistics business and the third party logistics enterprises grow and thrive. Then selecting logistics providers has become an important link in enterprise supply chain management. So, in order to implement the green supply chain management better, enterprises need to fully consider the logistics supplier's green competitiveness in the process of choosing a logistics supplier.At first, after this paper raises the research question, it summarized the status of related categories involved; Secondly, this paper introduces the produce, development and application of green supply chain, green logistics and third party logistics enterprise theory, at the same time it introduces three kinds of methods which used in this paper: triangular fuzzy number, fuzzy-DEMATEL and fuzzy-TOPSIS; Then, under the background of green logistics the green logistics supplier evaluation index system is established within the innovative green competitiveness indicators, and on the basis of the current supplier evaluation methods which are insufficient a method of mixed fuzzy multicriteria decision making model to select logistics providers is established; Finally, the green logistics supplier evaluation index system and evaluation method are applied to the YG entity enterprise, this true example show that this evaluatio

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