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基于知识地图的异质型人力资本隐性知识挖掘分析word论文.docx 50页

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AbstractThe tacit knowledge of idiosyncratic human capital is not only the key to achieve knowledge innovation for enterprise, but also the key elements to build and maintain the enterprise’s core competitive advantage. Since the scarcity and high value of other features, the flow of idiosyncratic human capital is even more obvious in high-tech enterprises. The tacit knowledge they carry will also loss and bring huge losses for enterprises. In order to make use of tacit knowledge of idiosyncratic human capitalmore efficiently and reduce its loss caused by the loss of business, we should strengthen the mining and utilization of tacit knowledge. Knowledge map can facilitate the sharing and dissemination of tacit knowledge and achieve the explicitation of tacit knowledge to make up for the losses caused due to brain drain. This paper discusses the results of the application of knowledge map in actual cases of one enterprise using the knowledge map as the tool to mine idiosyncratic human capitals’ tacit knowledge.Firstly, the thesis analyzes the relevant literature at home and abroad and the features of idiosyncratic human capitals’ tacit knowledgebased on the analysis of the theories of idiosyncratic human capital, tacit knowledge and knowledge transfer. Secondly, the thesis describes the mechanism of knowledge map for tacit knowledge mining of idiosyncratic human capital of the enterprise, builds the tacit knowledge mining model of idiosyncratic human capital from the perspective of knowledge maps and designs the knowledge mining process. At last,the article makes utility analysis evaluation and conduct corporate training system for reconstruction by the case of using in the Information Center of ‘QNEW’ enterprise, and utility analysis, and then to corporate training system for Reconstruction.Keywords: Idiosyncratic Human Capital; Tacit Knowledge; Knowledge Map; Knowledge MiningII目录摘要 .............................................................................

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