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基于支持向量机禽流感病毒毒力预测word论文.docx 46页

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AbstractAvian influenza virus is an RNA virus which mutates easily, thus causing relatively slower research progress of the pathogenesis. However,pathogenicity research of each individual virus are much more easy and has accumulated a certain amount of data .which lay a foundation for correspondent analysis of the virus pathogenicity. Pathogenicity data can be gained more easily with pathogenicity prediction which has relatively high status in the pathogenesis research of virus.Based on the biology mechanism affecting the formation of the Avian influenza virus and the comprehensive analysis of the existing research, this paper tries to find out the biochemical element effecting the pathogenicity factor, mainly the order of the protein forming the Avian influenza virus. And this paper build Predicting Classification model via SVM.To realize this purpose, the involved work is as follow:Based on the existing thesis and research, I try to find out the High virulence and low virulence Avian influenza virus to form the aminoacidsequence of the proteinas analytical data for the model. By calculate the frequency of each aminoacid among all the six main Virulence factors reported in the bibliographies, a simple Classification model can be created via the method of HA-NA-NS1-PB1-PB2-(PB1-F2). It proves to be a SVM with good performance.After that, with the detailed description about pathogenicity effect of the situation information as well with the theory of entropy, it is possible to find the location that the difference between the two copies of the data is more than the threshold value. On the basis of more than 500 physicochemical featuresof aminoacid, we can lower the number of the features by means of selecting the suitable features, among which mRMRis mainly used to find the best feature subset. Inputting this subset into SVM and build the predicting model will improves the performance.Key words : Avian influenza viruspathogenesisvirulenceSVM目录摘要.......................

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