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基于中介真值程度度量的图像质量评价方法分析word论文.docx 55页

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AbstractVarious kinds of intelligent terminal and displayappearmore and more frequentlyin people's dailylife, theimagecanbe foundeverywhereas themost commonand effectiveinformation carrier. Ifthe imagequalitycan’tbeguaranteed, will not onlyaffect theuser's visual experience, andeven affecttheperformanceofthe practical application.Therefore,assessment ofimagequalityis very important. Therearemanydisadvantagesin subjective assessment, such as longperiod, highcost and tougher environmental requirements.It is notsuitable forsystem integration and industrial promotion.Objectivequalityassessment is more suitable forindustrial application. A lot of effortsis required to research onimagequalityassessment and target at presentamethod withperformance closeto thesubjective assessment This paper proposes two objectiveimagequalityassessment methods. Themain work:he assessment system for performanceofimagequalityassessmentmethods is studied in this paper, the analysis and implementation ofthequantified indexis emphasized, the effect of three classical imagequalityassessment methodshavebeen assessed basedon the system. The result verifiesthat theassessment system is effective and accurate, so it canbeused as the standard to assesstheimprovedIQA method.MMTD-SSIM is proposedin this paper as an improved method ofstructuresimilarity. The method introduces visual attention modelwith whichhuman identificationthe imageinto the region ofinterest, and uses theoryof MMTDto determinethe localsalient degreeas the weight of each region. The final scoreofthe new method is obtained byintegratingall theregions of weight. Experiment results show that givinghigher weights toregions ofinterest approachbetter results which is moreconsistentwithsubjective assessment results.CTSSIM is proposedin this paper.It is basedon structuresimilaritymethod and Contourlet transform.Contourlettransform reflects the characteristics oftheimagefeaturebetter, and it can properlydescribethe smooth contour.Its advantag

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