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field guide to the freshwater mussels of south carolina:(现场指导南卡罗来纳的淡水贻贝).pdf 44页

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field guide to the freshwater mussels of south carolina:(现场指导南卡罗来纳的淡水贻贝)
Field Guide to the Freshwater Mussels of South Carolina South Carolina Department of Natural Resources About this Guide 1 2 Citation for this publication: Bogan, A. E. , J. Alderman , and J. Price. 2008. Field guide to the freshwater mussels of South Carolina. South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Columbia. 43 pages This guide is intended to assist scientists and amateur naturalists with the identification of freshwater mussels in the field. For a more detailed key assisting in the identification of freshwater mussels, see Bogan, A.E. and J. Alderman. 2008. Workbook and key to the freshwater bivalves of South Carolina. Revised Second Edition. The conservation status listed for each mussel species is based upon recommendations listed in Williams, J.D., M.L. Warren Jr., K.S. Cummings, J.L. Harris and R.J. Neves. 1993. Conservation status of the freshwater mussels of the United States and Canada. Fisheries. 18(9):6-22. A note is also made where there is an official state or federal status for the species. Cover Photograph by Ron Ahle Funding for this project was provided by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. 1 North Carolina State Museum of Natural Sciences 2 Alderman Environmental Services 1 Diversity and Classification Mussels belong to the class Bivalvia within the phylum Mollusca. North American freshwater mussels are members of two families, Unionidae and Margaritiferidae within the order Unionoida. Approximately 300 species of freshwater mussels occur in North America with the vast majority concentrated in the Southeastern United States. Twenty-nine species, all in the family Unionidae, occur in South Carolina. Approximately 1000 species occur worldwide. Invasive freshwater bivalves from t


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