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offer 录取过程
[分享]美国一个graduate admission director 告诉你录取过程 As a director of a graduate program (and as an empathetic human being), I should post this information. If some posters have received acceptances to a program to which youhave applied, and you have not yet heard from that program, please donot assume that means you have not been accepted, or have not been funded. We rank candidates, and notify our top candidatesfirst, extending offers of fellowships and assistantships. We must waituntil they accept or decline to know whether we can move to thenext-ranked candidates, and extend offers to them.? ?Forexample, my program has notified our top two candidates, but we arestill in the midst of ranking the rest. No one except those two havereceived either offers or awards. For those of you who receive emails from a department reporting thatyou've "been recommended for admission," please be assured that thismeans you've been admitted to your program, providing the GraduateSchool confirms the accuracy of all items on your application. Departments, not the Graduate School, determine admissions. You willreceive the actual paperwork from the Graduate School in a bit. Administrivia takes some time. It seems incredibly unlikely to me that any program would extend anoffer to a candidate during a visit/interview. If candidates are beinginterviewed, that would mean to me that all applications are stillbeing considered and all candidates are still in the midst of beingranked. We have X amount of funded lines each year. The committee meets, andranks candidates. This takes a couple of meetings. Sometimes, thedepartment agrees on the very top candidates early. As the director ofthe grad program, I push for early consensus on a couple of candidates,because then I can notify these top candidates with offers andincentives. They have, like everyone else, until April 15 toaccept/decline, although in my experience, none of my candidates haveEVER waited until that late to decide. I hope to encou


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