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Warm-up: What is she saying? Jennifer retorted angrily, “I don't need friends like him; they are a dime a dozen." Warm-up: What is she saying? Warm-up: What is she saying? As Ebony entered the room, Mrs. Green asked, “What's wrong with you today?" Ebony responded, "I'm a bit under the weather." Lecture 5: Stylistics Idioms By Psyche What Are Idioms? Idiom is a set expression made up of two or more words; it functions as a unit of meaning which cannot be predicted from its literal meaning of its component words. Characteristics P372 Coventional idiomacity E.g. as old as Methuselah As poor as Lazarus As merry as a cricket sour grapes Characteristics Semantic unity The meaning of an idiom is not often recognizable in the meaning of each element. e.g. how do you do under the weather long in the tooth e.g. He took off his shoes. He took off the comedian to perfection. Practise: match the idioms on the left with the definitions on the right. Hold one’s tongue Behind close doors A slap in the face a bittle pill to swallow Have no backbone Rule of thumb Throw cold water on Put all one’s egg in one basket Play havoc with As good as one’s word Have no will power or courage Be silent, not to speak Insult Place all one’s money on one risk Discourage Sth unpleasant that must be endured Cause trouble to Based on experience or practice Privatedly Carrying on one’s promise Translation Characteristics Structural stability The constituents of idioms cannot be be deleted or added to or replaced. 习语的成分不能替换。 out of the question out of question on board on the board on the boards a stitch in time saves nine. * One stitch in time saves nine. Structural stability 2) The word order cannot be inverted or changed. 习语的词序不可更换。 e.g. thick and thin *thin and thick tit for tat *tat for tic 3) Many idioms are grammatically unanalysable. 很多习语在语法上是不可分析的。 e.g. diamond cut diamond (as)sure as eggs is eggs Classification of idi


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