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earthquake quake shake shock tremor temblor [] (pl. -s, -blores )   ... hit... strike... shake... jolt... rock... roll across... rip through... → damage destroy shatter devastate level flatten aftershock smaller tremors tsunami tidal waves natural disaster tragedy wreckage death toll survivors victims evacuation rescue team international contributions seisesthesia seismaesthesia seismesthesia seismic seismic (seismal; seismical; earthquake) load seismic acceleration ; seismic acceleration indicator seismic activity ; seismic amplifier seismic analysis seismic area ; ; seismic belt ; seismic bending moment seismic center seismic coefficient seismic core phase seismic cross-section seismic data ; seismic degree seismic design seismic detector ; seismic detector of the displacement seismic detector of the velocity type seismic digital amplifier seismic discontinuity seismic drill 1.Earthquake Toll in Mexico Now 29; Leader Declares Emergency , 2.A coastal state hit overnight by a powerful earthquake that rolled across central Mexico from the Pacific Ocean, killing at least 29 people and rattling millions of Mexico City residents. ,(). ,, . 3. It took only minutes on Saturday June 23rd for a powerful 8.1 earthquake to rip through southern Peru 8.1 …… 4.The quake leveled entire towns, flattening the simple adobe, brick structures and leaving nothing but rubble. 5.The Seismology Research Centre says the earthquake measured 3.8 on the Richter Scale with an epicentre about 80 kilometres south-west of Sydney. 3.880 6.The tremor was placed at 5.6 on the Ricther scale. 5.6 7. International organizations have also rushed relief supplies and medical personnel to Gujarat. 8.Aid continues to pour into the devastated country.


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