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九年级英语全册第7单元诊断性自测题人教新目标版.doc 10页

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第7单元诊断性自测题Unit 7 Teenagers should be allowed to choose their own clothes. I. 单项填空。 ( )1. Mr?Li?is?very?strict?______?his?students?and?he?is?also?strict?______?his?work.??A.?in;?with?? B.?with;?in C.?to;?with?????? ??D.?with;?to ( )2. Tom , your hair is too long . Why not get your hair _______ ? A. cut B. to cut C. cutting D. be cut ( )3. Please stop __________! It __________ in the cinema. A. smoking, isn’t allowed B. smoking, allows C. to smoke, isn’t allowed D. to smoke, doesn’t allow ( )4. Many teenagers have hobbies . But sometimes these hobbies can ________ schoolwork. A. get in the way of B. get in the way C. got in the way D. got in the way of ( )5. The light in the room wasn’t ________ for me to read. A. brightly enough B. enough brightly C. enough bright D. bright enough ( )6. 棤 Do?you?mean?you?will?join?the?club????—?Yes,?I?am?_______??it.? A.?nervous?about????? ?B.?tired?of????? C.?careful?with??? ?D.?serious?about ( )7. Now some children often talk ________to their parents. They don’t like to listen to their parents’ advice. A. with B. to C. about D. back ( )8. His mother always keeps her away ________ computer games . A. from playing B. playing C. plays D. to play ( )9. We are surprised that a ________ girl can draw so well. A. ten-year old B. ten-years-old C. ten-year-old D. ten years old ( )10. It is amazing that Mr. Guo sailed across the world by himself________ within about 130 days. A. successful B. succeed C. successfully D. success ( )11. Don’t worry! Your son is old enough to ________himself. A. look for B. look up C. take care D. take care of ( )12. I am regretting __________ the test and I think my parents will be angry with me . A. fail B. pa


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