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九年级英语全册第9单元诊断性自测题人教新目标版.doc 9页

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第单元测题 I. 单项填空’t have the coat_______ you need. A. who B. which C. what D. whom ( )5. Many boys enjoy the book Harry Potter _____by J.K.Rowling. A. written B. was written C. wrote D. was writing ( )6. She ______have a few good friends. A. do B. doing C. does D. will do ( )7. They preferred ______at home rather than _____ to a party. A. to stay, to go B. staying, going C. to stay, go D. staying, to go ( )8. Who _______ rock music to country music two years ago. A. preferred B. prefered C. prefer D. prefers ( )9. Shanghai is one of the________ in the world. A. most biggest city B. biggest city C. most biggest cities D. biggest cities ( )10. I like music _________. A. that have great lyrics B. that I can dance C. that I can sing along D. that isn’t noisy ( )11. I prefer movies that give me something ______. A. think about B. to think about C. think of D. to think of ( )12. What good music! Let’s dance _____it, OK? A. with B. by C. at D. to ( )13. ---I like songs I can sing along_____. --- So do I . A. to B. with C. for D. up ( )14. The boy has ______of books in his house. A. plenty B. lot C. one D. think ( )15. My teachers try their best ______ our problems. A. solve B. work out C. to work out D. to solve II. 词形转换. 语法专练。 用that, which, who, whom, whose填空。 1. This is the boy ________ mother teaches us Chinese m our school. 2. This is the factory _________ I visited. 3. Is this factory the one ___________ a lot of students visited yesterday? 4. The first thing __________ we should do is to clean the room. 5. You should do all ___________ I told you to do. 6. The naughty boy can do something __________ will give you trouble. 7. This is the tallest building __________ I have ever seen. 8. This is the very person ___________ I need. 9. There is little __________ I can give you. 10. I will never forget the day _


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