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九年级英语全册第13单元诊断性自测题人教新目标版.doc 9页

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第单元诊断性自测题 I. 单项填空( ) 1. My father ___________ a doctor, but now he is a writer. A. was used to be B. used to be C. is used to be D. was used to being ( ) 2. —What do you think of the house that Amy Winterbourne built herself out of trash? —It reminds me of the days ___________ I spent in the countryside. A. when B. that C. who D. where ( ) 3. There are a lot of things for us ___________ to protect the environment. A. to do B. doing C. to be done D. to be doing ( ) 4. A group of volunteers go to the Green Lake Park to ___________ litter every month. A. put up B. set up C. pick up D. cheer up ( ) 5. The flight flying to Russia from Beijing International Airport ___________ about 8 hours. A. spends B. uses C. takes D. costs ( ) 6. —Last night, you forget ___________ off the computer when you went to bed. —Really? I remember ___________ it off. A. to turn; to turn B. to turn; turning C. turning; turning D. turning; to turn ( ) 7. Look! ___________ people ___________? A. Does, litter B. Are, littering C. Did, litter D. Were littering ( ) 8. To ___________ air pollution, we should take the bus or subway instead of driving. A. cut down B. cut off C. cut up D. cut into ( ) 9. Our actions can ___________ and lead to a better future. A. be made a difference B. make a difference C. be made a different D. make a different ( ) 10.There ___________ also too much rubbish and waste. A. are B. is C. has D. have ( ) 11. So far, the air ___________ really polluted around here. I’m really ___________ worried. A. has become; getting B. have become; getting C. has been becoming; got D. has been becoming; got ( ) 12. Sharks are at the


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