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九年级英语全册第12单元诊断性自测题人教新目标版.doc 11页

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第1单元诊断性自测题 Unit 1 Life is full of the unexpected. I. 单项填空。 ( )1. I think I have ________ my key in the car. A.forget???? B. left???? C.forgotten???D.leave ( )2. — Is Mount Tai the highest mountain in Shandong? — I think so. It is 1,545 meters      sea level. A. under B. above C. past D. along ( )3. — After being trapped (困住) for 36 days, Strong Pig was still   when people found it. — It was great news. A. alive B. lively C. lived D. live ( )4. — Columbus was a man who changed the world. — I agree. His      of America was one of the greatest events in human history. A. invention B. discovery C. appearance D. agreement ( )5. — Is the airport closed because of the bad weather? — No. But my flight to Beijing was      because of it. A. locked B. booked C. lost D. cancelled ( )6. — Did Mrs. Smith call you yesterday? — Yes. I was about      for lunch when the telephone rang. A. going out B. to going out C. to go out D. go out ( )7. — I want to buy a ticket to the movie. — Sorry, we have      all the tickets. A. put away B. given up C. given away D. sold out ( )8. — James said he would come to my party, but he didn’t     . — Really? He didn’t keep his word again. A. show up B. get up C. set up D. give up ( )9. — I must go home. — If you must, at least wait      the rain stops. A. since B. as C. till D. when ( )10. — How      it was when I fell down in front of so many people. — Well, everyone can fall, right? A. embarrass B. embarrassing C. embarrasses D. embarrassed ( )11. — Do you know who the award will go to? — I have no idea. We have to wait until the result     . A. announces B. will announce C. will be announced D. is announced ( )12. It is ________ good ex


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