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九年级英语全册第14单元诊断性自测题人教新目标版.doc 7页

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第单元测题一、单项填空。 (  )1.—Do you still remember________ this group of friends in 2013? —Yes. But I forgot where I ________ them. A.seeing; meet B.to see; metC.seeing; met D.seeing; meeting (  )2.He used to ________ problems ________ along with his classmates, but he can get on well with them now. A.have; get B.has; getsC.have; getting D.having; getting (  )3.With the help of Jim's family, his father has already given up ________. A.smoking B.smokeC.to smoke D.smokes (  )4.I am looking forward to________ a good job after graduation. A.getting B.getC.got D.gets (  )5.Our math teacher ________ to our school at the age of 20 and she ________ in our school for more than 30 years. A.comes; taughtB.came; taughtC.came; has taughtD.has come; has taught (  )6.He always does well in all of his subjects and his parents is ________ him. A.proud of B.pride ofC.proud D.pride (  )7.He often takes the time ________ summer holidays with his grandparents . A.to spend B.spendC.spending D.spent (  )8.Miss Wang is patient ________ me and always encourages me ________ hard. A.to; study B.with; to studyC.with; study D.in; studying (  )9.________ long the rain lasts, there will be a rainbow in the end. A.However B.No matter howC.No matter what D.Whatever (  )10.Hurry up. There is a man outside ________ you. A.wait for B.waiting forC.waiting D.wait (  )11.Nobody can predict what ________ in the future. So enjoy every minute in our life. A.will happen B.happenC.have happened D.happens (  )12.Anyone who is good at singing can ________ the activity in our school. A.take part in B.take offC.take out D.take care of (  )13.I went hiking in Shanxi last year and lived in the hotels at nights________. A.come this way B.along the wayC.by the way D.to the way (  )14.—Is the classroom yours? —No.________ is on the second floor. A.we B.our C.ours D.us (  )15.Teenagers have the abilities to make their own ________. A.choose B.c


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