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Fast Reading II Strategic Moves UP PREV. NEXT Haier Group was founded in 1984 when China's reforms and opening policy entered a stable stage. The company is dedicated to building its intellectual property and standardization system. By 2006 Haier Group had applied for a total of over 7,000 patents, registered 1,033 trademarks in China and 3,077 overseas, and now owns 981 known trademarks in China. Haier also chaired or participated in drafts and revisions of 115 national standards, formulated 397 industrial or other standards and owned 5,730 enterprise standards. Internationally, Haier had six technologies as proposals to the International Electrotechnical Committee and is the only member from China on the senior consulting committee for future technologies. Haier is now building a patent and standards alert system for home appliance technology. Building internal and external platforms for an alert system Haier's patent and standards alert system includes organization, information and supporting networks in intellectual property, research and development and marketing, as well as external service networks in government agencies, industrial associations and intermediary agencies. The company has established an exchange mechanism with government departments and associations and hundreds of international and domestic law firms, consulting firms and intellectual property rights agencies that provide services to Haier. Improving our patent and standards library, processing and analyzing intelligence data It is said that 90 percent of United States firms have their own competition intelligence information organizations. Haier also maintains databases on patents and standards. The company established and uses Chinese and foreign databases and libraries to monitor the latest technological developments. Developers use such libraries for research to avoid infringement on other companies' patents or to surpass them. Haier


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