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Ceramics of Jingdezhen 财务管理 王兰川 王晴 Jingdezhen There is such a wonderful and splendid city supported by an industry and it has been booting for over a million. About the city Traced back to the Eastern Jin Dynasty,Jingdezhen was called Xingping town. Jingdezhen,which is situated in the southern area of the Yangzi River has its own beauty and fertility. The kaolin village is located in the eastern suburb of Jingdezhen from which the most superior material of ceramics making—Kaolin comes.In 1869 A.D. a German geologist transliterated the Chinese 高岭 into a new English word Kaolin. Bluish White Porcelain Bluish white porcelain is one kind of ceramics that represents top standard of ceramic artistry in Song Dynasty,which established Jingdezhen as porcelain capital of the world. CONTENTS Making Others Ceramics in Jingdezhen owns a worldwide reputation as white as jade,as bright as a mirror,as thin as paper and sounds like a bell when you strike. Color-Glazed Porcelain Famille Rose Porcelain Rice-Pattern Decorated Porcelain Generations in Jingdezhen have always been proud of handicrafts for over one thousand years. It is unprecedented distinctive artistries created by handicraftsmen thus continues of pioneering and pursuing excellence in Jingdezhen from generation to generation. 谢 谢 !


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