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范围:第三册1-6单元的A和B课文,7单元只考A课文 题型: 1.Listening (25%) 课外 8 short conversations 2 long conversations 3 passages 2.Fast Reading (10%) 课文B,判断正误 3.Reading Comprehension (20%) 两篇,一篇来自模拟题 4.Vocabulary (20%) 5.Reading in depth (10%) 课文A 6.Writing (15%) Vocabulary Unit 1 1. My job varies between the extremely tedious and the annoyingly busy. On balance I think I’m happier during the really busy times; no time to think about how bored I am. 2. It is the nature of the wise to resist pleasures, but the foolish to be a slave to them. 3.I figure out a good team of dogs ,hitched to a light sled, can haul 1000 pounds of goods. 4. In the story, the little girl has a wicked stepmother, who makes her life a misery. 5. Nothing has become a real till it is experienced –even a proverb is no proverb to you till your life has illustrated it. 6. Nowadays almost all libraries are finding it increasingly difficult to remain within their budget. 7. You can increase a tyre’s grip in winter by slightly lowering its pressure. 8. Lake superior, Huron Erie and Ontario are shared by united states and Canada ,and from part of the boundary between the two countries. 9. The police are investigating the three men allegedly involved in organizing and carrying out the bank robbery. 10. I do not doubt in the least that inflation leads to economic decline. 11. A blizzard was blasting great drifts of snow across the lake. 12. Tim says just about everybody will be affected by the tax increases, but I am sure he’s exaggerating . 1. ?In?an?effort?to?feel?better,?I?started?to?make?small?changes?in?my?life?and?cut?back?/?cut?down?from?20?cigarettes?a?day?to?a?mere?three?or?four.? 2. ?If?I?wasted?electricity?as?you?do?at?home,?my?dad?would?make?me?pick?up the?bill.? 3.We?can get?by?with?four?computers?at?the?moment,?but?we'll?need?a?couple?more? when?the?new staff?arrive.??? 4.It?is?impossible?to get?through?this?course?just?by?working?hard?around?exam?times. 5.Unless?they?quickly face up to?their?mistakes,?the


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