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员工的工资报酬管理外文文献翻译.doc 15页

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公司工资报酬管理外文文献翻译?(含:英文原文及中文译文) 文献出处: Public Personnel Management, 10(2):19-28. 英文原文 Enterprise Salary Reward Management MA Okotoh Salary the overall function of function and the management of human resource that rewards is consistent also for is can attract and encourage the human resource needed by enterprise from labor economy angle speak salary reward have three great merits can: guarantee function, encourage function and regulation function. Referring to the angle of the management of human resource salary reward should embody and play mainly it's encourage function the salary with reasonable establishment reward management system is every problem that enterprise needs solve. In recent years, as enterprise manages , mechanism change and establish modern enterprise system step by step needs, the built-in wages degree of assignment system of enterprise the self who changes enterprise into gradually from government behavior. Therefore how to meet market needs establish with modern enterprise system appearance the supplemental salary, that suits enterprise self development reward management system and distribution scheme, high limit land development enterprise human resource Ian can, become every important program of current Chinese enterprise. Salary the substance that rewarded , it is that enterprise, for employee, is the contribution done by enterprise that function and purpose salary reward , include realization Jig effect , the corresponding repayment and that effort, time, knowledge, ability, experience and creation pay that paid out or thank. Essentially, it is a kind of fair distribution principle that exchanges or trades and has embodied socialist market economy. And according to contribution distribution for implicit the meaning of the exchange of equal value of intrinsic, have reflected the law of value of the market of labor force. Salary the overall function of function and the management of human resource that rewards is consistent, it is also to be abl


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