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轻轻松松了解DSPAn Intuitive Approach to DSP.ppt
* * [61] Let’s take a look at other topics. [62] Everything we’ve heard to this point in terms of time, frequency, sampling period, sampling frequency, filtering, and spectral analysis, applies to all these general areas of signal processing. Perhaps we just want to filter out noise from an audio signal. Filtering we’ve already looked at. We might want to look at signals in the frequency domain. Voice and speech processing makes use of speech recognition, for example, of taking a signal, looking at the frequency components, and matching it to find out the speaker. [63] Control systems use signal processing. Telecommunications – many times we’ll find out there might be an echo on the line. If we take our signal processing and model the echo, but invert it and feed it back, we know from previous examples those signals will cancel each other out. So we have echo cancellation. [64] As for medical applications, let’s look at a real world example. * * [Whether you're designing for portable, handheld meters, high-precision measurement systems or highly integrated motor control applications, TI offers amplifiers, data converters, microprocessors, DSPs and a wide range of interface and power management products to make your industrial end equipment applications possible * * Portable audio equipment is evolving from audio to include music videos, TV shows, talking books, personal slideshows, organizers and more. TI offers a broad portfolio of products focused directly at portable audio equipment. Portable audio ICs for the consumer audio market include integrated audio codecs or audio ADCs and DACs for conversion between analog signals and digital data, headphone or speaker drivers for earpieces, headphones or built-in speakers, programmable DSPs for encoding/decoding compressed data in such formats as MP3, WMA or AAC, microcontrollers for handling system-level control and user interface functions, and wireless transceivers for transmission/reception of data over RF. * * Wir


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