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高三英语模拟考试专题汇编-考点-完形填空-夹叙夹议(解析版).doc 15页

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完形填空-夹叙夹议类 A组 课堂专项训练 Cloze 1 (河南郑州高中毕业年级第一次质量预测) An acrobatic (杂技的) master performed a tightrope (绷紧的钢丝) walk between two mountains,which attracted thousands of people. When the  1  started,he went to one end of the tightrope, 2  straight at the goal ahead,with open arms,walking slowly step by step to the opposite side of the mountain.Immediately,the audience  3  loud applause.? “If my hands are tied,do you believe I can  4 ?” he asked the audience.?  5 ,some people didn’t believe,but in order to know the  6 ,they said,“We believe you!”? Then,he had his hands tied with a rope and walked past  7 .? He looked around and said,“If I’m blindfolded (蒙着眼睛) with my hands tied,do you  8  believe I can go past?”? This time,the people said without  9 ,“We believe you!”? In this way,his eyes were  10  with a black cloth.He moved slowly to the tightrope and walked along it inch by inch.This time,he went past once again.The audience burst into  11 .? Then,he  12  a child and asked all the people,“If I put him on my shoulders  13  I’m blindfolded with my hands tied as well,do you still believe I can make it?”? All the people replied before  14 ,“We believe you!”? “I ask you again.Do you really believe me?” “Yes,we believe you completely!” Then,he said,“Well then,since you believe me, 15  my child with yours.Who will?”? All of a sudden,the audience fell  16 .The silence lasted for nearly ten minutes.? After ten minutes,the acrobatic master said nothing,just put the child on his shoulders and walked past along the tightrope.Sure enough,this time he 17  once more.? Faced with things far from their own  18 ,people can often make judgments easily and quickly,but once involved in (牵涉) it,most of people “cannot  19  it clearly”.Only those who are really confident,like the master in the tightrope walk,can stay  20  at any time.? 1.A.talent B.play C.program D.show 2.A.stepping B.staring C.wandering D.pointing 3.A.broke into B.came into C.gave off D.sent off 4.A.get through B.walk d


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