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成人学士学位英语试题库 出题人: 任艳 I . Reading Comprehension II. Close III. Vocabulary IV. Translation V . Writing (7'×1=7') I . Reading Comprehension Directions: In this part there are four passages. Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices marked A,B,C,D. You are required to decide on the choice that best answers the question or completes the statement. Passage1 In order to learn to be one's true self, it is necessary to obtain a wide and extensive knowledge of what has been said and done in the world; critically to inquire into it; carefully to consider it ; clearly to analyze it ; and earnestly to carry it out. It matters not what you learn , but when you once learn a thing, you must never give it up until you have mastered it . It matters not what you inquire into, but when you once inquire into a thing, you must never give it until you have thoroughly understood it. It matters not what you try to think of , but when you once try to think of a thing , you must never give it up until you have got what you want. It matters not what you try to carry out, but when you once try to carry out a thing , you must never give it up until you have done it thoroughly and well. ( A ) 1. According to the author, first of all one must ___________ . A. obtain knowledge B. analyze C. inquire D. act ( C ) 2. When you try to do something , what matters is ___________ . A. not to care too much about it B. to act immediately C. to carry it through to the end D. to think carefully before you do it ( B ) 3. The end of learning should be ___________ . A. thought B. mastery C. inquiry D. analysis ( D ) 4. According to the author, another man's success should ________ . A. not be taken into consideration B. make us nervous C. cause one to sto


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