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    EPA Method 21文档

    1151 METHOD 21 - DETERMINATION OF VOLATILE ORGANIC COMPOUND LEAKS 1.0 Scope and Application. 1.1 Analytes. Analyte CAS No. Volatile Organic Compounds No CAS number assigned (VOC) 1.2 Scope. This method is applicable for the determination of VOC leaks from process equipment. These sources include, but are not limited to, valves, flanges and other connections, pumps and compressors, pressure relief devices, process drains, open-ended valves, pump and compressor seal system degassing vents, accumulator vessel vents, agitator seals, and access door seals. 1.3 Data Quality Objectives. Adherence to the requirements of this method will enhance the quality of the data obtained from air pollutant sampling methods. 2.0 Summary of Method. 2.1 A portable instrument is used to detect VOC leaks from individual sources. The instrument detector type is not specified, but it must meet the specifications and performance criteria contained in Section 6.0. A leak definition concentration based on a reference compound is specified in each applicable regulation. This method is intended to locate and classify leaks only, and is not to be 1152 used as a direct measure of mass emission rate from individual sources. 3.0 Definitions. 3.1 Calibration gas means the VOC compound used to adjust the instrument meter reading to a known value. The calibration gas is usually the reference compound at a known concentration approximately equal to the leak definition concentration. 3.2 Calibration precision means the degree of agreement between measurements of the same known value, expressed as the relative percentage of the average difference between the meter readings and the know


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