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课 时 计 划 备课者:唐妙玲、陈少丽 课 题 Unit 1 This is my day 第1课时 教学内容 A. Let’s learn Let’s play Let’s chant C. Good to know 教 学 目 标 1. Ss are able to listen, say, read and write the phrases: eat dinner, do morning exercises, have English class, eat breakfast. 2. Ss can listen and understand the sentences: When do you … I usually … 3. Ss can say the chant and understand “Good to know”. 教 学 重 点 Five four-skilled phrases in this lesson: eat dinner, do morning exercises, have English class, eat breakfast 教 学 难 点 The pronunciation of “exercises” and “usually” 教学准备 Tape, recorder, clock, timetable, word cards 预 习 提 纲 Ss think about their daily routine. 时 间 教 学 过 程 7’ 30’ 3’ Step 1 Warm-up Free talk: Two pairs present their dialogue. Game: What time is it? Teacher holds a clock and turn different time. T: Tick tock, tick tock, says the clock. What time is it? Ss: 7:00. / 8:50/… Ss review the time through the game. Step 2 Presentation and practice Teacher turns the clock at 6:00. T: What time is it? Ss: It’s 6:00. T: I usually get up at 6:00. When do you get up? Then let the students express “I usually…at …” Teacher turns the clock at 7:35. T: When do you eat breakfast? Ss: At 7:35. Present: eat breakfast Teacher turns the clock at 8:45. T: When do you have English class? Ss: At 8:45. Present: do morning exercises. Teacher asks a student to turn the clock. T: When do you have English class? The student turns the clock and answer. Present: have English class. Practice: have…class. Use the same way to present “play sports” and “eat dinner”. Practice: Clap hands and stamp feet to read the words. Students use the new words to talk about their timetable. Ask the time: When do you… I usually… Step3 Summary and assignment (1)Ss introduce their own timetable. “ I get up at 6:00. I eat breakfast at 7:50.” (2) Add words game. 布 置 作 业 1. Copy the new words. 2. Practice reading the new words. 3. Design a timetable. 板 书 设 计 Unit 1 A. Let’s learn. 7:35a.m. eat b


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