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论中国民族声乐的学习的策略(LUNWEN7139COM....ppt 45页

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Striving for Excellence in Academic Performance and Commercialization Part 1: GENERAL INTRODUCTION Part 2: CHALLENGES FOR A UNIVERSITY Waves of Technological Revolution ROLES OF A UNIVERSITY Part 3: Academic Excellence What MMU Does for Academic Excellence Paradigm Shift Curriculum Development Advancing R&D Smart Partnership: Seamless Relationship with Industry Collaboration with Renowned Research Institutions and Universities Commercialization & Technopreneur Development PARADIGM SHIFT Management Committed to culture of excellence across the whole of management Transmit the culture to all levels of staff Invite Industry to the university Create Joint-Venture activities Create “Industrial Professorships” Encourage Industry/University Cross Secondments Recruitment based on track record/capability Academic Experienced staff to mentor junior staff Emphasis of team research Seeking external fund for research and top-up salary from research funding/ contract/consultancy Structure teaching to allow quality research time & secondment to industry Interaction with industry through joint R&D Constantly update syllabus to suit industry needs Research NOT for the sake of research, but for solving real-life problems Administration Develop clear Contractual, Intellectual Ownership & Partnership Procedures Abandon 9-5 Procrastination Act as Facilitators rather than Gatekeepers CURRICULUM STAY FOCUSED AND UPGRADE ICT ENGINEERING CREATIVE MULTIMEDIA MANAGEMENT & LAW e-LEARNING FACING THE NEXT WAVE LIFE SCIENCES DISTANCE LEARNING R&D EXTERNAL FUNDING GOVERNMENT (IRPA, MGS, etc.) INDUSTRY COLLABORATIONS (Intel, Motorola, Nokia, Microsoft, etc.) INTERNAL FUNDING RDDI GRANT ENDOWMENT FUND PUBLIC SECTOR R&D EXPENDITURE AND NUMBER OF SCIENTISTS & ENGINEERS FOR SELECTED COUNTRIES PARTNERSHIP WITH INDUSTRY Possible Areas of Collaboration: Source of R&D Funding Opportunities for Industrial R&D Consultancy Opportunities for Staff Technology Transfer thru’ Secondment/Internship En


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