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本科毕业设计 外文文献及译文 文献、资料题目:Eclipse Distilled 文献、资料来源:Eclipse Distilled 文献、资料发表(出版)日期:2005.2.14 院 (部): 理学院专 业: 信息与计算科学 班 级: 信计 姓 名: 学 号: 指导教师: 翻译日期: 2012.5.12 外文文献: Chapter 1. A Java IDE and So Much More! Looking at Eclipse is similar to looking at a well-cut diamond. What you see depends on the angle of your view and on how deeply you gaze into the interior. To some viewers Eclipse is a Java IDE with the usual features one expects from such an environment: editor, debugger, and project builder with a wide array of preference customizations. To others Eclipse is a generic framework for tool integration providing an extensive, flexible plug-in API. The home page declares that "Eclipse is a kind of universal tool platforman open extensible IDE for anything and nothing in particular." Both perspectives are valid interpretations. As the Eclipse community continues its rapid expansion, other users will see it as a modeling tool, a business rules management application, a business process designer, a development environment for embedded systems written in C++, or an HTML authoring and document management environment. Using the Rich Client Platform (RCP) configuration, Eclipse is the basis for any end-user client application. Many books have been and will be written to describe each facet of the Eclipse diamond. This book focuses on Eclipse as an integrated development environment for building Java applications. Those applications may be other open source utilities, large enterprise systems, or new plug-ins for Eclipse. This book is equally applicable to each of those project teams and individuals. Eclipse is developed by and for teams using a modern, agile development process. Eclipse is developed using Eclipse in a large, distributed team and with an iterative approach that rebuilds and tests the entire project every night. As a result, Eclipse is well suited to any project using these methods. This book describes several best practices common to agile deve


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