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新目标初中英语九年级Uni 7 Reading Would you mind keeping your voice down教案.doc 11页

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新目标初中英语九年级Uni 7 Reading Would you mind keeping your voice down教案
Year Eight Unit 7 Section Reading Would you mind keeping your voice down ? (教案) Topic Would you mind keeping your voice down ? Function Talk about rules of etiquette between different cultures and different situations Vocabulary keep… down, voice*, term, etiquette, normal, behavior, at first, Asian*, Europe, uncomfortable, impolite*, allow*, public*, take care, cough*, sneeze, break* the rule, politely, smoke*, put out, cigarette, criticize, careful*, drop*, litter*, pick*…up, behave 其中带*的词是四会词(共12个) Structure If you spend some time in an English-speaking country, you might hear the word “etiquette”. Etiquette is not the same in every culture or every situation. If we see someone breaking the rules of etiquette, we may politely give them suggestions. Although rules of etiquette can often be different, some rules are the same almost everywhere in the world! Activity Find “topic sentences” Role play Write a letter to someone to complain about the things that he /she annoys you often. Grammar Present tense Would you mind(not) +gerund? Could you please(not) + gerund? Modal verb “might” Teaching aids A recorder, a multi-media, Teaching procedures Step1 Warming-up T: First, I’m going to tell you something about myself. My last name is Yang, so you can call me Miss Yang. Nice to meet you! Ss: Nice to meet you, too. T: How are you, S1 ? S1: I’m fine, thanks. And you ? T: I’m fine, too. How is it going, S2 ? S2: It’s great / pretty good/not bad / terrible… T: But things are not so fine with me. Last night, my next door neighbor had a birthday party, they played the music very loud until late at night and I couldn’t sleep well last night. Now I am really tired. I get annoyed when my neighbor plays music loud late at night. Did you ever get annoyed Ss: Yes, we did. T: When do you get annoyed, S1 ? S1: I get annoyed when… T: What will you say when that happens ? S1: When that happens, I will say, “Would you mind(not) doing…? T: Good, you’re polite. When do you get ann


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