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小学英语词类考点练习名词考点练习用所给单词的适当形式填空。Many _______ (child ) like monkeys.2.They ________ (twin).They look the same. 3.I want two _______ (piece) of paper.4. There are many _______ (tiger) there.二、单项选择( )1. These are _______. A. a Chinese B. Chinese C. Chineses( )2. I want ______. A. a milk B. milks C. a glass of milk( )3. This is _______. A. Jim’s and Lucy father B. Jim and Lucy’s father. C. Jim’s and Lucy’s father ( )4. I have nine _______. A. a deer B. deers C. deer( )5. I have five ______. A radio B. a radio C. radios三、读句子,填单词1. There are lots of books in it. You can borrow them from it. It’s a ______ (图书馆)2. We eat with _______ (嘴).3. There are twenty-four _______ (小时) a day.4. You are ill and you come to me. I am a _______. (医生)5. Lingling and I are in the same class, so we are __________ (同班同学)四、将下列单数句子改成复数形式。1. This is a potato. ____________________________2. She is a girl. ____________________________3. I am Japanese. ____________________________4. I have a sister. ____________________________5. It’s a dog. ____________________________冠词考点练习 送小朋友回家。(选用a , an, the填空)I like _______ yellow shirt in the window.He doesn’t like ________ old bike.It’s ________ 20th of December.Do you have ________ watch?I don’t like playing ________ guitar.What’s ________ score?Is Liu Tao in _______ corner with ______ ball?I get up at seven in _______ morning.----What’s this? ----It’s ______ eraser. I have ______ dress. ______ dress is pink.There is _______ uniform on the chair._______ Wangs are visiting _______ Great Wall. We live on _______ ninth floor._______ only child has no brothers or sisters.We can see ________ round noon in the sky.二、单项选择 ( )1. There is _______ old woman in the car. A. / B. an C. a D. an ( ) 2. Shanghai is in _______ east of China. A. / B. an C. the D. a ( )3. Bill is ______ English teacher. He likes playing _____ football. A. a; the B. an; the C. a; / D. an; / ( ) 4. The story is _______ interes


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