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世纪年代以来印度茶产业的发展外文翻译(可编辑).doc 12页

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20世纪90年代以来印度茶产业的发展外文翻译 Indian Tea Industry Since 1990's Material Source: Social Science Research Network Author: Subhajit Subhajit Sr INTRODUCTION Tea is made from the young leaves and leaf buds of the tea bush Camellia sinensis. Ancient Chinese and Japanese legends refer to a beverage made from an infusion of dried tea leaves. In 1833, the East India Company, after losing its legal monopoly of the tea trade between China and Britain, began to look for other sources of supply. As a result, the cultivation of tea in India began in 1834, with the planting of wild tea found growing in Assam in 1823 The tea industry has an important and special place in the Indian economy. Tea is the country's primary beverage, with almost 85% of total households in the country consuming tea. India is the world's largest producer and consumer of tea, with India accounting for 27% of the world tea production. India's expenditure on beverages and processed foods accounts for 8% of food expenditure in rural areas, and 15% in urban areas. India is also an important tea exporter, accounting for around 12-13% of world tea exports. Further, certain varieties of tea for example Darjeeling are grown only in India and are in great demand across the world. All Darjeeling teas possess the lightness of flavor and fine coloring that set them apart from all other teas. India's tea industry exports were estimated at Rs.17.31 billion during FY2006, accounting for 0.4% of India's exports. In value terms, tea ranks as the fourth-largest agricultural product export item from India, with exports of around US$410 million in 2004. In terms of employment, the tea industry employs around 1.27 million people at tea plantations, and 2 million people indirectly, of which 50% are women. The last fact is particularly important when we consider that tea industry, to a large extent, drives the economies of the regions where the tea gardens are concentrated, for example Assam. Tea is the prime beverage consumed i


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