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书面表达如何写? 2001年春季高考作文 给澳大利亚的朋友写一封信,谈谈减负给学生的学习和生活带来的变化。 I will tell you the changes of my life. Before, we had many classes every day. I had to do a lot of homework after school. I went to bed at 11:30 in the evening. I had no time to play. I was very tired. Now I can visit museums. I can learn computer and drawing. In the evening, I can read books and newspapers and watch TV. I go to bed at 10:00 now. 17分 高考满分作文 I’m very pleased to tell you the changes in my life since our homework has reduced. Before that, learning during the day was very simple. Having class and doing homework was the only thing we should do. In the evening, we also had a lot of homework to do. We could not go to bed until 11:30. Nevertheless, since reducing the learning load, my life has become much more interesting. I often visit museums and computer rooms and draw pictures in my spare time. In the evening, I also have time to watch TV and read newspapers. I no longer stay up late; on the contrary, I go to bed at about 10 pm. In short, I am quite satisfied with my life now. 书面表达常用语句 书信 Thanks for your last letter. I am writing just to inform you …… In reply to your last letter, I am writing to explain the two questions as follows: …… 开 头 Looking forward to your reply/hearing from you! Thanks for your consideration. Do remember me to your parents! 结 尾 2. 叙事 It is quite obvious/clear that… ( 很显然……) There is no doubt that… (毫无疑问……) Take …as an example. (以……为例) On one hand,… on the other hand… (一方面,……另一方面) Only in this way shall we… (只有这样我们才能……) As far as…is concerned, I prefer…(就……而言,我更……) Measures/Action should be taken to…(必须采取措施去……) For the reasons given above, I feel that…(鉴于以上原因,我觉得 What these people fail to consider is that…(这些人没有想到的是..) Undoubtedly there is a long way to go before…(毫无疑问要…… 还有很长的路要走) Therefore, I strongly recommend that …(因此, 我强烈建议… All the


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