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Seen from space, the earth looks blue. Two thirds of the earth’s surface is made up of vast oceans. Part One The Sea 1 Characters of the sea (1) Vast and blue (2) salty contains 35 parts of salt per thousand parts of water----3.5% by weight 11 other minerals make up the water (3) clean Seaweeds produce various chemicals 2 The Mediterranean (1) long more than 3700km (2) wide 1800km at its widest point (3) warm can reach up to 25°C or even 29°C (4) salty 37 and 39 parts of salt per thousand 3.7% and 3.9% by weight The Mediterranean Question: Why does it take 80 years for Mediterranean water to be changed with Atlantic water? Only one narrow entrance The Atlantic 3 coral beds Coral is not a plant but a variety of animal life of different shapes and bright colors. Certain conditions for coral to live (1) Water temperature above 20°C (2) Plenty of light (3) Clear water (4) Depth of less than 60 meters Let’s look at beautiful coral The longest coral bed in the world It lies off the northeast coast of Australia, about 2010 kilometers long. Part two Salt lakes 1 the Great Salt Lake---the saltiest lake, 27% by weight, in the USA 2 the Dead Sea---in the Middle East Low-lying: at around 395 meters below sea level, the lowest lake, also the lowest place in the world Salty: 25% by weight, difficult to swim or dive Question1: Why is the Dead Sea so salty? (1) Water is lost in the air while salt stays (2) There is very little rain, merely 60mm in a year on average (3) Once the minerals from hundreds of natural springs and the River Jordan flow into the Dead Sea, they stay in the lake. Quesion2: Why is it called the Dead Sea? Because very few things can live in such salty water. But it is very beautiful. Discussion Why are seas so important? How can people make use of the Sea?What should we do with it? Some suggestions 1 fishing


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