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Module 3 Business Negotiation Chapter 4 Counter-Offers Introduction: In the business negotiating, when a buyer refuses to accept the terms and conditions offered by the seller, the buyer will state his own terms and conditions to the seller, which we call counter-offer. In other words, a reply to an offer that states the acceptance containing additional conditions, limitations or other modifications is a rejection of the offer and constitutes a counter-offer. Therefore, a counter-offer means a partial rejection of the original offer and it also means the buyer’s counter proposal. Introduction and Writing Skill Introduction and Writing Skill A counter-offer may be directed against the price, the terms of payment, the date of delivery or other important trade terms. Such alterations mean that business needs to be renegotiated. The original offer has the full right of acceptance or refusal and he may make another counter-offer, which we usually call counter-counter-offer. This process can go on for many times until business is finalized or called off. In making a counter-offer, one has to state the terms most clearly and use words very carefully so as to avoid ambiguity or misunderstanding. A counter-offer often covers the following points: 1) Express the buyer's thanks to the seller for the offer; 2) Express regret at the buyer's inability to accept; 3) State reasons for non-acceptance; 4) Forward concrete suggestions or amendments to the former offer; 5) Express hopes of mutual beneficial cooperation. Introduction and Writing Skill The letter of making a counter-offer should cover the following points. 1. Thanks for the offer. Example: Thank you for your offer of October 10. 2. Express your regret and state your objection to the offer/quotation and your reasons for it. Example: We regret we cannot accept your offer because your price is too high. 3. Make a counter-o


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