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江苏省高中英语 nit1 Gtting along ith othrs lom课件 牛津译林版必修5.ppt 20页

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江苏省高中英语 nit1 Gtting along ith othrs lom课件 牛津译林版必修5.ppt
Proverb Brainstorming What do you think a friend should be like? * M1 Teenage experiences U1 School life U2 Growing pains U3 Looking good, feeling good Revision M2 Making discoveries U1 Tales of the unexpected U2 Wish you were U3 Amazing people M3 Broadening horizons U1 The world of our senses U2 Language U3 Back to the past M4 Modern life U1 Advertising U2 Sports events U3 Tomorrow’s world M5 Balance and harmony U1 Getting along with others U2 The environment U3 Science and nature M6 Making a better world U1 Laughter is good for you U2 What is happiness to you U3 Understanding each other Getting along with others M5 U1 Which do you think is the most important? money power friendship A friend in need is a friend indeed. My friend should be_______ . Friends are thieves of time. It means that when s________ with a good friend, we feel happy and r______ and almost forget the e________ of time. taying elaxed xistence Picture talking The best mirror is an old friend. It means that an old friend k_______ you very well. He/She can help point out your a___________ and d_____________. nows dvantages isadvantages If you can buy a person’s friendship, it is not worth having. It means that true friendship is p_________. It is i___________ for a person to buy it with money. It is b______ on t______, respect, l_______, s_______ feelings and so on. riceless mpossible ased rust oyalty hared True friends have hearts that beat as one. It means true friends are willing to share their h_________ and s________ with each other. appiness orrow Discussion I Let’s read out the following common qualities of friends. What do you think are the most important characteristics in a friend? Good friends should _______. 1. Good friends listen to each other. 2. Good friends don't put each other down or hurt each other's feelings. 3. Good friends try to understand e


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