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北京英语中考真题2014—2018年完形填空专项.doc 6页

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2014年真题Santa Can Come before ChristmasIt was last June. I entered a supermarket to pick some vegetables, when a young man asked me, “Can you tell me where the 35 counter (柜台) is ?” “well, the milk is in the lower right corner,” I replied.Picking up my things, I finally came to the milk counter where I met the same man 36 almost 10 bottles of milk. I asked, “Do you need a basketball or a trolley I was 37 he was still picking more bottles and after few minutes his trolley had 24 bottles of milk.I laughed and asked,“Why so many bottles?”He smiled and said,“These are for my street dogs.Today,I want to be a Santa 38 them.”I said,“Well,it’s too 39 for you to be a Santa.It is still June and Christmas comes in December.”He 40 at me and walked a few steps,as if he wanted to say something but he left the counter without saying anything. 41 ,we met again at the bread counter.“So these bread and cakes are also for the dogs,Mr. Santa.”He smiled and said,“Yes.These are also for the dogs and I love to be Mr. Santa in the month of June.Santa is a representation(象征) of surprises and 42 .Santa comes in December as we 43 him around Christmas.But in real life there is a Santa in each one of us that shines through our personality at some point of time,no matter which month it is.Maybe when you offered help to me by getting me a trolley,there was a 44 Santa in you.When we offer food to a poor man or a(n) 45 to someone who is caught in the rain,we are being Santa there.So when you offer help to others or get help from others,just think that Santa has come all the way for you.”He left and I was happy that I had met him.It was right to understand that Santa can come before Christmas.We just need to realize that he is around us by 46 happiness and unconditional love. 35.A.vegetableB.milkC.breadD.fish36.A.puttingB.choosingC.holdingD.bringing37.A.sadB.excitedC.angyD.surprised38.A.forB.onC.ofD.by39.A.easyB.earlyC.helpfulD.important40.A.pointedB.laughedC.sho


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