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2010-2017年同等学力英语真题及答案.doc 16页

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PAGE \* Arabic \* MERGEFORMAT15 / NUMPAGES \* Arabic \* MERGEFORMAT15 Dialogue 1.C. I have my hands full. 2. B. I’ll try it my self 3. A. Don’t complain. 4. B. I am not sure 5. C. So am I. It is so annoying 6.D. It’s cheaper to got to Chicago by car 7. B. She failed the examination last week 8. A. The State University 9. C. The man is doing things in the wrong order 10.B. She is far better than the others 1. there’s no free lunch 2. Are you sure? 3. Good for you. 4. Well, you might as well get used to it. 5. I’m with you there. 6. To have a good rest. 7. Julie looks fine in that dress. 8. Ice cream. 9. Cars that drive themselves may be very expensive. 10. She will fully focus on her job. 1. B. Yes, I couldn't help it. 2. B. How annoying! 3.C. she gave you the cold shoulder 4.?D. out of practice 5. A. he's in pretty good shape? 6.?A. He agrees to the proposal. 7.?C.The woman is welcome to join them. 8.?C. It's not worth the price.? 9.?B.?He would tear it down first. 10. D. Ted ate too many hamburgers. 1I thought you said there were three men 2It's theother man I'm talking about 3They had been in there for about 5minutes   1/People today don't like that 2/I like a goodstory 3/They still make movies like that 1/I document everything 2/I do a lot of research on the Internet too 3/Of course they mail their friends endlessly 4/I do a lot of my shopping on the net now A.Do you know what a handicapped space is ? B.The signs always tell you how long you can park there and on what days. C.Then you also need to be aware of the time limits on the street signs. B. May I have your driver’s license,please? C. Are you familiar with our rules and fines? A. The hours and limitations are printed on the card and this handout. C. Well , it’s because my British publisher. D . All this time I thought you were ‘J.K’. A . And fooled the boys for a while. B . And I don’t think the boys have minded. C. Boy, when it rains, it pours. A. It sounds like a flu. B. I also advise restin


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