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2018年5月高中英语作业--语法练习及答案.doc 28页

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试卷第 =page 1 1页,总 =sectionpages 3 3页 试卷第 =page 1 1页,总 =sectionpages 3 3页 2018年5月7日高中英语作业 学校:___________姓名:___________班级:___________考号:___________ 一、单项选择 1.Life us only once. Therefore, we should make full use of every minute and try to do something useful. A. belongs to B. is belonged to C. is belonging to D. has belonged to 2.The neighbors reported him the house in a black coat. A. seeing;leave B. seeing;left C. to see;leave D. to see;leaving 3.You can't just selling clothes with a long face, which will our customers. A. give away B. scare away C. take away D. put away 4. a great many people like the convenience of using WeChat to communicate with each other, too many junk messages on it may make them bored. A. While B. When C. As D. Since 5.English and French are taught here.You can choose you like. A. no matter which B. whichever C. which D. whatever 6.The past ten years have the great changes in all fields of our life, especially in the way we communicate. A. assumed B. witnessed C. required D. expressed 7.We should try every means to protect the area, for it is many wild animals. A. a home to B. homes of C. a home of D. home to 8.Doctor Smith, who in Shanghai for more than ten years, is considering working in Huaian, but he hasn't decided yet. A. had worked B. has been working C. is working D. works 9.Many people fixed their eyes on me when I made that silly mistake, made me rather embarrassed. A. that B. who C. which D. when 10.The Belt and Road is a new force of promoting the development of the world economy, ________ that will further push China's opening-up. A. the one B. one C. ones D. the ones 11.The manager will you to visit the big company next week. A. arrange B. plan C. arrange for D. plan to 12.Away before I could say a single word. A. the children ran B. did th


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