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大学英语b统考考题大全——完型填空(附答案).doc 22页

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Passage 1The Internet began more than thirty years ago, and its goal was to increase communication among universities, the government and some major American businesses by linking their computers together. The Internet makes it easy for them to send large amount of information quickly.As time passed, more people began using the Internet. In 1981, the Internet linked 13 computers. Only nine years later, it linked more than 350,000 computers. Today experts say there are about 300 million computers connected to the Internet.The Internet has changed the way people work. They can travel from place to place while getting in touch with their office all the time via the Internet. A recent report in the America magazine, Newsweek, said more than 89 million Americana now use the Internet at work. Companies around the world now use the Internet. One can hardly imagine how business could be done without the Internet.The Internet is becoming more important than any one had thought possible. And its importance is expected to increase more in the future.因特网30年前开始多起来,它的目标在于提高大学间的联系。政府和一些主要的美国商业都是通过计算机来实现他们之间的联系。因特网让他们之间传递大量的信息变得很迅速。随着时间的推移,越来越多的人开始使用因特网。1981年,因特网连接13台计算机。仅仅9年之后,它连接超过三万五千台计算机。今天专家们说,大约有3亿台的计算机通过因特网连接。因特网改变了人们的工作。他们从一个地方到另一个地方旅行,然而能通过因特网实现他们工作的联系。美国《新闻周刊》杂志最新的报道,在美国大约有八千九百万的人使用电脑工作。电脑因为因特网遍布全国。无法想想,生意如果没有因特网该如何去做。因特网变得越来越重要,这是任何人都无法想象的。它的重要性希望在将来能更大。 Passage More and more teachers and parents have noticed another kind of pollution, which came from the printed papers sold on streets.There printed things look like newspaper but have hardly anything to do with them. You can only find reading material badly made up there- some are too strange for anyone to believe, others are frightening stories of something even worse. However, many of the young students are getting absorbed in such poisonous reading, which costs them what they should pay for their breakfast and bring them nightmares and immoral ideas in return. Homework is left undone, daily games lost. There sellers s


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