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    Unit 介绍性口译

    UNIT 7;Useful Expressions ;Professional service 专业服务 Information technology 信息技术 Urbanization 城市化 High value added business 高附加值商业 Digital media 数字传媒 Realty tax 地税; Environmentally sustainable 环境可持续发展 Academics 学者 Civil servant 公务员 Provincial/federal government 省政府/联邦政府 City councillor 市政厅议员 Carbon dioxide emission 二氧化碳排放 The Kyoto Accord 《京都议定书》 ;Fossil fuel 化石燃料 Economic spin-offs 经济增长 Alternative fuels 可替代燃料 Address each other’s priority 按事情的轻重缓急 Secretariat 秘书处 Serve with a key position 担任关键性的职务;The Greater Toronto Area has one of the most diversified economies of any region in North America. The largest economic sectors in the region include aerospace, biomedical industry, apparel industry, food processing industry, financial services, business and professional services, information technology, telecommunication and media. ;Due to the urbanization of the Greater Toronto Area, over the last 30 years, most of the largest economic sectors spanned across municipal boundaries. Most of the high value added business operations, for example, financial services, biomedical industry, computer software development, digital media, and research and development, are located within the City of Toronto. Traditional heavy manufacturing operations tend to locate in the surrounding municipalities, where the realty taxes are lower and there is a plenty of available land for greenfield development.;One of the four visions in the “City’s Strategic Plan” is that Toronto is clean, green and environmentally sustainable. The City of Toronto has adopted an environmental plan to achieve its long-term goal of environmental sustainability. The plan includes 66 specific recommendations which guide city policies. It was developed within input from a wide range of community participants including citizens, students, academics, businesses, civil servants from the municipal, provincial and federal governments and City


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