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The Unied States Orlando Disneyland奥兰多公园细致介绍英文版.ppt

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    The Unied States Orlando Disneyland奥兰多公园细致介绍英文版

    The United States Orlando Disneyland;;Its full name is Walt Disney World Resort. Since opened in 1971 October , about 12,000,000 tourists visit the park every year. Here are five international standard golf course,the comprehensive sports park and Disney shopping center -- with shopping, entertainment and dining facilities where there are night recreation area, all kinds of shops and more than 250restaurants.;1Magic Kingdom 2Epcot 3Disney‘s Hollywood studio 4Animal Kingdom 5Sea Park 6Universal Orlando Resort 7Sea World ;1 Magic Kingdom :This is the theme park converged the most traditional feature, which is filled with all kinds of cartoon image and beloved Disney Characters. Designed like a wheel with the hub in front of Cinderella Castle, pathways spoke out across the 107 acres of Magic Kingdom theme park and lead to 7 whimsical lands.;Spaceship Earth ;World Showcase show the culture and cuisine of 11 nations:Mexico Norway China Germany Italy US Japan Morocco France UK and Canada.;3 Disney‘s Hollywood studio:offer glimpses of Hollywood-style action with live shows,exciting attractions,backstage tour and special events that only happen in this park.;American Idol Experience;4 Animal Kingdom :The largest animal-themed park in the world with more tha1,700animals extending across 500 acres of lush landscape leading the way in animal care education and research。 ? ? ;Within each area,you can encounter real and fantastic animals,get close enough to pet them or ask for their autograph!;5 Sea Park Disney’s Blizzard Beach: one of the world’s tallest and fastest free falling waterslides. Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon Water Park: attractions for the whole family-from fast waterslide to a children’s area with pint-sized. Catch 6 foot waves in the Surf Pool and snorkel Shark Reef with real sharks。;Within each area,you can encounter real and fantastic animals,get close enough to pet theme or ask for their autograph!;Universal Studio: Here you can watch the films or shows with high


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