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    unit 1 定语从句

    The Attributive clause 定语从句;;1.定义:;A dictionary is a book which gives the meaning of words.;4. 分类:限定性定语从句与非限定性定语从句;限制性定语从句举例: 1. The teacher told me that Tom was the only person that I could depend on.? 2. China is a country which has a long history.? 3. In the street I saw a man who was from Africa.? ;1. who指人,作主语或宾语 (作宾语可略);3. whose 在定语从句中作定语,与后面的名词为所属关系。 Whose 多指人,也可指物,指物时可与 of which 互换使用; 指人时,与 of whom 互换使用;4.which 指物,在定语从句中做主语或宾语,做宾语时常可省略。 ;5. that 指人时,相当于who 或whom;指物时,相当于which。在定语从句中作主语或宾语,作宾语时常可省略。 Where is the man that / whom / who I saw this morning??? 2. The season that / which comes after spring is summer.??;考点一:that和which;(2)There be 句型中用that。 There?is?a?book?on?the?desk?that?belongs?to?Tom.;;7. 定语从句内容为解释名词的性质、概念时,需用that。 e.g. A plane is a machine that can fly.;连接词which的用法;(1) 直接在介词后作宾语时,不能用that引导,要用whom, whose或which,且不能省略。 Those are many trees under which they can have a rest. The house in which we live is not large. 我们住院的房子不大。 (2) 在非限制性定语从句中的先行词指物时,只能用 which。如: Football, which is a very popular game, is played all over the world. ;但当介词放在从句的末尾时,可以用that替代which, who替代whom,也可以省略关系代词。如: The house (which/that) we live in is not large. 我们住院的房子不大。 I know the man (whom/who/that) you live with. 我认识和你住在一起的那个人。 (3) 作定语 He may be late, in which case, we should wait for him.;(4) 先行词为代词 that 或 that 所修饰时,只能用 which。如: I don’t take that which is too expensive. 我不要太贵的那一个。;考点二:that 和 who(whom)的用法;(2) 当定语从句对指人的先行词进行隔位修饰时,只能用who (whom)。如: Do you know the girl in front of the blackboard who is speaking to the students? 你认识黑板前面正在给学生们讲话的那位女孩子吗? (3) 当先行词为people和those时,只能用who (whom)。如: Those who want to go there come here please. 那些想去那儿的人请来这边。 ;(4) 当先行词为one, ones, anyone, everyone, none, all(指人) 时,只能用who (whom)。如: Anyone who is against us is our enemy. 任何反对我们的人就是我们的敌人。;(5) 先行词指人,而关系代词在从句中作主语时,一般多用who。 如:The man who came here yesterday said he would come again in a few days. 昨天来这儿的那个人说过几天他会再来。 (6) 在there be句型中名词的定语从句多


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