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    1.你愿意把你的经验和组里的其他人分享吗?(share sth with sb) Would you like to share your experience with the rest of the group? 2.你父亲如果还健在的话,他会为你骄傲的。(be proud of) If your father were still alive, he would be very proud of you. 3.她开车转弯上了自家的车道(driveway),不料发现路已被堵塞 (block)。(only to) She turned up the driveway, only to find her way blocked. 4.他没有告诉任何人就走了,因为他不想卷入那件事。 (get involved in) He went away without telling anyone, because he didn’t want to get involved in that matter. 5.最终,产品的成功还是取决于高明的销售手段 (marketing)。(ultimately) Ultimately, the success of the product depends on good marketing. ; ; ; ; ; ; ;1.罗伯特·彭斯(Robert Burns)在诗中把他所钟情的女孩比作玫瑰花。(compare ... to) In his poem, Robert Burns compares the girl he loves to a rose. 2.无论你多忙,都应该抽时间回学校参加同学聚会。(no matter how) No matter how busy you are, you should try to make it back to the class reunion. 3.离婚后她需要一个能给她安慰的人。(a shoulder to cry on) After her divorce she needed a shoulder to cry on. 4.毕业20年以后,他几乎认不出他以前的同学了。 (barely) He graduated 20 years ago, so he could barely recognize his former classmates. 5.什么都无法替代亲密朋友之间的友谊。(barely) Nothing can replace the friendship between intimate friends.


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